Rick provides estimates or consultations at no charge.  Because he performs all the work himself, he will be able to meet with you on weekends or evenings.  We do not have a store, Rick is not a salesman.  He is a wood floorman.  He will focus his attention to the work, however, he will also help you with good quality wood selection.  We want you to be happy will aspects of the job, from the estimate to completion of the work.

CALL US ANYTIME:  Rick or Annette @ 951-894-2424  FOR FREE ESTIMATES  (or to answer any questions you may have)

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Damaged planks in wood flooring can be removed and replaced if the product is available or if you have any left over material.  Rick can also make planks to replace any damaged ones you may have.  If your floor has been in place for a long period of time, the color of the new planks will look different from your existing floor.  Wood naturally changes color from exposure to light and the elements.  If the repair is a large area, it may require sanding the entire floor to make the wood flooring look new again.  

(This applies to water damage, pet stains, rotted wood, termite damage or deeply gouged areas.)

In most cases, the laminate flooring will need to be removed from the wall -  to where the damage is, installing a new plank or planks, and re-installing all the flooring.  (This applies to laminate installed over pad, a floating floor.)  Laminate floors that have been glued at the seams will most likely need to be removed entirely.

Surface scratches in your hardwood floor can be minimalized by using a stain stick from your local paint store.

Deeper scratches will require that the floor be sanded and new polyurethane applied.