If you already have a wood floor and it is showing signs of wear and tear, or if it has boards that are damaged or water stained, Rick will replace the old boards with new ones, and can sand your floor down to bare wood, finish it natural or stain it any color you like.  ('Stain' is color, which is applied to the sanded bare wood. It comes in standard colors or we can custom mix any color for you.)  He then applies three coats of easy care polyurethane finish for a floor that will look brand new again!  Rick has sanded hundreds, probably thousands of floors over the last 39 years.  He uses all the latest equipment, including the CAV27 Dustless Sanding System that allows sanding your existing floor without all the dust mess of the past.  Please see before and after pictures of existing wood floors in our photo file.

Count on us to restore the beauty of your floors

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In some cases, your floor may only need a new coat of finish to refresh it!  We 'screen' the floor, and then apply one coat of finish.  Please note:  we require a 'test area' to be done to assure that the new finish adheres properly to whatever was previously applied to your floor.  It is very important to never use oil, waxed based or silicone type products on your floor if it has a polyurethane finish on it.  We will provide information regarding the proper products to use for cleaning your hardwood floors.  We do not recommend any 'finish' products from local chain stores.  Always use professional products on your wood investment.


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