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Until about forty years ago, most of the wood floors were solid wood, unfinished strip floors installed (nailed) in raised foundation homes which were sanded and finished on site.  We still install this type of flooring over a plywood subfloor,  (there is a perfect example in our photo file).  

Today, there are thousands of manufactures of wood flooring, most of which are prefinished at a factory, and installed using a glue called mastic.  These are called Engineered Floors and were made especially for installation on concrete slabs.  The flooring is made of layers bonded together to prevent cupping and warping.  We test the slab for moisture content and apply a liquid moisture barrier when necessary before installing your wood floor.  We recommend 1/2" materials that also have a top layer of wood that can be sanded several times for a lifetime of wear.  

There are other types of flooring as well; including 'floating floors', which are installed over foam pad, solid wood floors that are clipped together from the bottom, and ones that are glued at the tongue and groove.  They also still make solid parquet wood floors in a large range of patterns.  And there are so many different wood species to choose from; bamboo, maple, oak, walnut, hickory pecan, cherry, brazilian cherry, pine, reclaimed wood, and many exotic woods.   Wood floors are a substantial investment in your home, and we just believe that the products you purchase should be of an excellent quality.


Rick, as a licensed contractor, has access to Wholesale Flooring Companies who offer any and all wood products available.  You may even 'special order' any species of wood in any length and width you desire.   We can obtain any type of wood flooring and/or laminates.  If it is made, we can get it for you.  We bring samples to your home or we can direct you to wholesale showrooms to make your selection. We can order the flooring for you and have it delivered directly to your home, or you can provide your own flooring materials, and we will be happy to give an estimate for installation only.


Rick provides estimates or consultations at no charge.  Because he performs all the work himself, he will be able to meet with you on weekends or evenings.  We do not have a store, Rick is not a salesman.  He is a wood floorman.  He will focus his attention to the work, however, he will also help you with good quality wood selection.  We want you to be happy will aspects of the job, from the estimate to completion of the work.


Rick can install solid wood treads and risers to match your flooring, stain and finish them on site, or he can install prefinished nosings and flooring on the steps, whicever you prefer.  Existing wood staircases can also be sanded and finished.


CALL US ANYTIME:  Rick or Annette @ 951-894-2424  FOR FREE ESTIMATES  (or to answer any questions you may have)